Our Hosting Partners

ICYE Kenya not only sends volunteers to work abroad, but also host volunteers at various projects throughout Kenya. We are keen to work with local projects in Kenya that would be interested in receiving and supporting volunteers who would assist them in their work.


Hosting Volunteers In Your home

Hosting young people from another country in your home can be an incredibly enriching experience. It will enhance the understanding of social and economic differences, and of the interdependence between nations and peoples. Lest we forget, intercultural exchanges foster global understanding and enhance the volunteers’ experiences of new cultures beyond their own.

If your family is open and eager to learn about another culture, is willing to provide a home environment, a bed, a space to live and study and share their meals with a foreign young person, ICYE Kenya would certainly want to make contact with you. You may  get in touch with us on inquiries@icyekenya.org or +254 714 373740

Hosting Projects in Kenya

ICYE volunteers live and work in countries throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe; helping to support local community-based projects whilst experiencing new cultures. As part of a global federation, ICYE Kenya ensures excellent training and support, allowing volunteers to gain valuable work experience by immersing into a new culture allowing them to learn a new language, develop important vocational, interpersonal and intercultural skills, while in turn offering their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the projects hosting them. With volunteers arriving throughout the year, ICYE Kenya is constantly looking to broaden its profile of host projects and to diversify the range of volunteering experiences available.

Information for Hosting Organizations

Do You Work With Volunteers?

  • Would you like to add some cultural diversity to your project?
  • Do you need full time, dedicated volunteers?
  • Are you able to organise accommodation for the volunteer?

ICYE‘s goals are to foster peace and understanding in the world through exchanging our youth.

About ICYE

ICYE is an international non-profit youth exchange organisation with the Head Office in Berlin, Germany. ICYE was formed after the Second World War to foster peace and understanding in the world through the exchange of youth. ICYE promotes youth mobility, intercultural learning and international voluntary service, in more than 40 countries around the world.

ICYE Kenya is part of a worldwide federation of independent youth organisations established with the aim of promoting peace, cultural understanding and youth empowerment through opportunities of international exchange and voluntary work.

ICYE In Partnership With Your Organization

Through volunteering with ICYE, participants gain valuable work experience, learn a new language and develop important vocational, interpersonal and cultural skills, while in turn offering their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for the benefit of the projects that host them.

ICYE Kenya is constantly looking to broaden its profile of host projects in Kenya and to diversify the range of volunteering experiences we are able to offer

The Projects We Seek To Partner With

Projects should be not-for-profit organisations working in the fields of social, community and environmental work. The volunteer relationship should be one where a supportive environment allows volunteers to make a meaningful contribution to the project while learning from their work. We are looking for projects that can offer board and accommodation in return for full-time voluntary work. The project may either accommodate the volunteer at the project or with a host family near the project; and may apply to host volunteers for any of our programmes. Feedback from projects which have hosted our volunteers hold our volunteers in high regard. Additionally, ICYE Kenya volunteers are enthusiastic, reliable, open-minded, keen to learn and value teamwork.

What is expected of your organization?

  • To provide a work placement with tasks suitable to the volunteers’ skills and abilities
  • To provide appropriate training for the volunteer to carry out the tasks required
  • To provide a supervisor/mentor for the volunteer with whom ICYE Kenya will maintain regular contact
  • To provide ongoing supervision, support and constructive feedback
  • To organise accommodation and food for the volunteer
  • To understand the nature of the exchange and allow the volunteer time off to attend ICYE events

What is expected of Volunteers?

  • To work on the tasks appointed by the project supervisor to the best of his/her ability

  • To be willing to learn and take responsibility
  • To be flexible with the tasks and hours of the work (some weekends may be required)
  • To work up to 35 hrs per week
  • To be committed to the goals and objectives of the project

What is expected of ICYE Kenya?

  • To organise a training course for the volunteer upon arrival and at least two-weekend seminars for the volunteers
  • To maintain regular contact with host projects and volunteers
  • To provide a contact person for the work placement and the volunteer
  • To organise the volunteer’s visa and insurance and any documents needed
  • To meet with the volunteer and the supervisor/mentor at the work placement during the course of the year to ensure that the relationship is beneficial for both parties
  • To arrange for a different project should the relationship be ineffective

    Where Our Volunteers Come From

    We host volunteers from the following countries at our local projects:

    USA Italy
    Germany Austria
    Japan Sweden
    Finland The UK
    Spain France
    Iceland India
    Denmark Switzerland

    The ICYE Calendar

    Volunteers normally arrive in the Kenya at the beginning of August or the start of January. Their first days are spent at an on-arrival camp with ICYE Kenya where they undertake intercultural learning and language courses and are prepared for their time volunteer experience here and the work they will do. It also allows the ICYE Kenyastaff to get to know them and spend time with them before they go onto their host organisation.
    ICYE Kenya also organises a mid-term evaluation camp and an end term evaluation camp during the year. These camps are a chance for volunteers to come together again after working at their respective projects and to ensure that they are happy and settled into Kenyan life. It also provides a chance to develop their skills in areas such as conflict resolution, and to reflect on how their experiences can be applied upon their return to their home countries. We ask that the projects allow our volunteers to take time off to attend these important meetings. ICYE Kenya also organises other activities and events throughout the year such as tournaments and work camps.
    Towards the end of their volunteer experience, volunteers are allowed one month of travel to tour Kenya and allow them to discover more of Kenya.

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