Welcome to ICYE Kenya

Fostering peace and understanding globally through youth exchange and mobility, cross-cultural experiences and international voluntary service.

Volunteering in Kenya

Our inbound exchange programs allow you to work with local grassroots organizations, schools, health facilities and orphanages.

Volunteer Abroad

Are you a Kenyan youth searching for the opportunity to expand your horizons and become a part of the global community through youth exchange?

Hosting Partnerships

As well as sending volunteers to work abroad, we also host volunteers at various projects throughout Kenya. We would like to hear from any projects throughout Kenya who would like to receive a volunteer to assist them with their work.

International Cultural Youth Exchange – KENYA

ICYE is an international non-profit youth exchange organization with the Head Office in Berlin, Germany. ICYE was formed after the Second World War to foster peace and understanding in the world through the exchange of youth. ICYE promotes youth mobility, intercultural learning, and international voluntary service, in more than 40 countries around the world. ICYE‘s goals are to foster peace and understanding in the world through exchanging our youth. ICYE volunteers live and work in countries throughout Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe, helping to support local community-based projects as they experience the culture of the hosts of their choice. As part of a federation, ICYE ensures excellent training and support.

We're Looking For Project Hosts

Are you in need of volunteers? ICYE is a not-for-profit youth exchange organization that fosters intercultural understanding through exchange of youth, promoting youth mobility, intercultural learning.

Volunteering in Kenya

Our exchanges are either long-term or short-term varying in duration from six months to a year from August to August for long-term exchanges; and all year round for periods of between 2 to 16 weeks for the short-term programs.

Volunteer Abroad With ICYE

ICYE provides challenging intercultural learning experiences to young people, enhancing their social and personal development through international volunteer programmes. You too can become part of this exciting experience!

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